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Nanna Stech (1991), born in a small town in Denmark. Educated with a Master In Fashion Design from Designschool Kolding. I am outgoing, open minded, a risk taker, experimenting, really like to work in teams and when i get an idea there's not long from thought to action

I like to work with a raw expression, coincidences, playfullness and colors. 

I always incorporate sustainability into my projects, using waste material, thinking about user experience, considering materials etc.



Fashion design, shape development, draping, collaging, pattern contruction, illustration, digital sketching, concept development, designprocesses, organizing, styling, photoshoot, print, digital print, creative thinking, ceramics, sewing, material knowledge, leather work, fur work, sustainable concepts, user research



POPPYKALAS 2018 - present - Creative project manager, product developer, making and organizing events, art direction, styling, set design, photoshoots, floral design, composition, colours, webshop manager.

STECH BERENDT 2018 - present - Fashion Designer - Shown at CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) in Copenhagen and Paris during the year 2019. Working with all facets of starting a small company.

NANNA STECH Ceramics 2017 - present - Making handmade unique ceramics, with inspiration from everyday life and my education in fashion

Future of fashion show at CPHFW 2018 - fashion show at Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2018 with The Sweet Salvation Collection won CIFF entrepreneur prize. 

Exhibition at CIFF at CPHFW aug 2018 - Exhibited ceramics and The Sweet Salvation collection at a big fashion fair in Copenhagen during CPHFW 2018.

MA collection - Sweet Salvation 2018. A collection of unique handpainted and illustrated pieces. The vision is to give a modern take on Applied Arts and make the designer reclaim the designprocess that has been dictated by the mass production in the industry

Nanna Stech Ceramics x Rodebjer 2018 - The fashion Brand Rodebjer exhibited my ceramics at their fashion show at CPHFW august 2018

Collection development for textile company in Hong Kong, March-July 2017. Collection of Jackets and bags for a new brand that will launch later this year. Making design, production sheets and correcting prototypes. Learning about communacation with a company.

Guest speaker at WGSN x Fuji Xerox Seminar at HKDI, March 2017, speaking about wearable technology and sporty shoes

HKDI, Hong Kong Design Institute, 2017, Teaching, tutoring and working with the fashion students final fashion show and exhibition. 
Learned a lot about tutoring and how to give comments and seeing a projects from another perspective. 

Sustainable concept, Renew, 2017, Hong Kong
Working in another contry and using Hong Kong as an inspiration to make a new concept

Freya Dalsjø, Fashion Design Assistant, AW17 collection, 2016-17
Fashion Design, research, sketching, collection development, construction, draping, business insight
Seeing how a small fashion business is running, i got a really good insight in everything and Freya was really good at listening and giving me responsibility. 
Also learned how to work with fur and leather and worked a lot at Copenhagen Furs studio.

Shoe Project, Hong Kong, 2017, Business shoes
Indentifying a problem in Hong Kong regards footwear and trying to solve it.

Copenhagen Fashionweek, SS17, August 2016, BA Graduate Show - Showing graduate collection to the world

BA Project - collaboration with Barbara I Gongini - Mechanics Collection, sustainable fashion concept, communicationf with a fashion company.

Design for change, sustainable project 2015
-Sustainable concept development, communication with a company, collection development, construction
-The project went through in a competition, Danish Design Award and exhibition in Herning at TextilForum

ECCO, sandals for men, collaboration with ECCO and Pensole Academy (D'wayne Edwards), 2015
Sustainable aspects, shoes construction, design brief, teamwork, collaboration with a company

The border of studies at Designschool Kolding, 2013-2015
Meetings with discussions and decisions about the education

Collection/production, collaboration with production in Litaun, 2015
Techpack and collection development

Margrethe Odgaard, course in color
How colour influence eachother and what colour can do to a product

Production in Shanghai, China, 2015
Communicate design through technical drawings

Gymnastics instructor and head of TAG festival
Leader, creativity, teacher, organising



Designschool Kolding, MA fashion student, womenswear, 2016-2018
Being independent and trusting my own way. Development of a bigger collection and experimenting with shape, prints and how to do fashion.

Designschool Kolding, fashion, womenswear, bachelor 2013-2016
-Concept development, designproces and methods, construction and sewing, illustration, colour knowledge
-Teamwork, individual work
-Competitions, exibitions

Tongi University, Shanghai, China, 2015
-Design and innovation, wearable technology
-Collaboration between cultures, teamwork

Ceramic class, Hong Kong, 2017
Spin the wheel, hand build, pinching

Den skandinaviske designhøjskole, fashion 2012
-Designproces and methods
-Indivudual work, social, networking

Tørring gymnasium, stx, mathmatics, psysics, chemestry 2007-2010
-Research, theoretic



Danish, English, German




Motivated, positive, good in teamworks, decition maker, openminded, independent, energetic


Featured in Vouge Talents 2018

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Featured in the danish magazine Alt For Damerne


Teen Vouge - StreetStyle - Pholoso Selebongo


Featured in the danish interior magazine Boligliv, July 2019


Muse for the danish fashion brand MUNTHE

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Won the CIFF entrepreneur prize at the Future of Fashion show at CPHFW 2018

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Exhibition at CIFF during CPHFW 2018


Featured in Pictoria, "The best contemporary illustrators worldwide", 2018

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CPH Fashionweek SS17 (2016)

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Presentation Video - Nanna Stech - Made by Designschool Kolding